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Wait, There's This Thing Called Birth Control?

I mean we all know overpopulation's a problem right? I just wanted a good solution. (That's not a spoiler, everybody knows what I was up to and I'm not saying whether it worked)
Perhaps I was a little narrow minded in my focus. I don't always work well in groups.

 But you have to understand, my methods seemed effective at the time. As it turns out, some graduate students did a follow up on planets I visited and killing half the population causes so much economic collapse that more people suffer starvation and poverty. Maybe I should have paid attention in economics class in college instead of checking my phone every 5 minutes. Or had a staff that could give me an honest follow up report. But then again, evil villain, don't work well in groups.

Heck let's be honest, a universe wide birth control program would be logistically difficult. Plus taxes, am I right? You know the religious right would have been all over my case and once Fox News turns against you even your hard core supporters will attack you and I just couldn't stand taking all that flak on social media. No, my way is probably for the best, still a guy does have to stop for a minute and think about what other paths he could have taken.


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I hear you big guy. I had near unstoppable power and all I wanted was peace. I mean perhaps there were other ways to achieve it than dropping a large rock on the planet. What would have been the point? What kind of world would I have had? Would all the robots get along? Or  fight? I'm not sure what the solution was, but I've been reading some interesting stuff by this guy Ghandi...


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Hindsight is 20/20. When you're caught up in the genocide you don't always take the time to consider other options. I mean I was gonna destroy everything on earth to stop the humans from destroying the earth. It's not like the big hunk of rock was going anywhere whatever the humans did. And why would a planet be more important than the people on it?
And my other option? Destroying the world economy would have made billions slowly starve to death. For what? I could have given them advanced alien knowledge of alternative energy and sustainable agriculture. I also should have paid more attention in economics course. We really don't appreciate our professors enough until we're gone. Plus when you look at the big picture, I was just being a real D**k.


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At least your heart was in the right place. I was gonna destroy all life on earth just because of my fetish for blond hair and blue eyes. Looking back on it all I think I was kind of a racist.


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As long as we are doing mea culpas here, I also failed to plan things out well. I mean, if the world is a radioactive mess, exactly how is a new civilization going to arise in the ocean? The logistics would be impossible in the best of conditions. I would have been sitting down there with my girlfriend and a handful of goons slowly running out of power and spare parts waiting for this "new world" to magically appear.


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It's amazing how many of us are geniuses yet overlooked a lot of logistics and economics in our plans. I'm not criticizing, I think it speaks to the laser like focus of a superior mind. I was gonna cause a nuclear war so mutants would rise. How were we gonna eat? Did any of us have super farming powers? And were we all radiation proof ourselves? Some days I just feel stupid. The best looking one of the bunch, but stupid.


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Now, now Sebastian, don't be so hard on yourself, this is a safe space.  We all did our best and win or lose we should have the serenity to accept the things we cannot change. It's not like there's some magic plot device that can reverse all the damage we did just because there's a bunch of sequels planned.


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