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How To Speak Australian

For years now the Foster's company has been running ads which feature a stereotypical Australian cultural interpretation of certain words, such as parsley on a steak as "salad" and a Great White as a "guppy". Then a Foster's can appears as "Beer". The following are examples we may see in the future.

A woman is shown cooking over a large barbecue grill
Feminist — Beer

A man is shown passed out in a bar with several dozen empty cans
Designated Driver — Beer

A man is shown reading the sports page
Intellectual — Beer

An athletic young man is surrounded by five women, four of whom are very attractive, one of which is somewhat cute
Loser — Beer

A couple is engaging loudly and roughly in sex doggie style
Puppy Love — Beer

A man is reading Playboy, as the camera zooms in, he is seen reading an article
Homosexual — Beer

Scenes from WWI movies are shown, with men charging out to die in no-man's land
Scuffle — Beer

A man is shown after a car accident, with both legs crushed
Owie — Beer

A man is unloading his gun before cleaning it
Liberal — Beer

A mand is trapped in a hurricane, trying to open his umbrella
Wimp — Beer

A man is trapped under a steamroller, grimacing in pain
Crybaby — Beer

A woman is at the beach, wearing only bikini bottoms
Prude — Beer

A man is putting ketchup on his burger
Health nut — Beer

Scenes of nuclear war are shown
Political Problems — Beer

A man is walking out of a liquor store with a six-pack
Teetotaler — Beer


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