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 FOX News Accuses FOX News of Treason Minimize

New York - In a surprise announcement today, FOX News from 2003 accused FOX News from 2010 of treason. Fox News from 2003 levelled charges of disloyalty, lack of patriotism and general love of terrorists at its current self.  The criticism apparently originated because the current Fox News had broken eight years of constant reminders that criticizing the president in time of war is in fact treason.

FOX News spokesman Bill O'Reilly from 2003 explained, "For eight years everyone on this network was clear: anyone who criticizes the president or his handling of the war is a traitor and pretty much exactly the same as the terrorists who crashed into the twin towers. This wasn't a minor point we made, we said it over and over every day. I'd hate to think of all the aid and comfort the enemy is getting knowing that Americans don't support the troops in their fight with terrorism. Because anyone who criticizes the president hates the troops and wants them all to die so America can become muslim."

Mr. O'Reilly was joined by Rush Limbaugh from 2004 who criticized all 2010 pundits,  "Friends, we have some fat, impotent drug addict named Rush Limbaugh who hates America so much that he takes the side of Al-Qaeda against his own people. All these treasonous, cowardly hippy pundits who hate our freedoms so much they dare to criticize the president are the real enemy."

FOX News of 2010 shot back with a stinging, undeniable rebuttal, "Since Jan. 20, 2009 its actually patriotic to criticize the president. Sure he actually increased troops to Afghanistan, but he's black."

In other news, tens of millions of inbred rednecks issued a blanket apology to the Dixie Chicks today and turned themselves in to the Department of Homeland security for high treason.


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