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I Thought I Was Clear on False Idols!

What is going on? I made simple rules, only 10. Watching Cable News lets me know they certainly feel the lying and adultery ones are a complete joke. Not naming any names of any current politicians, but seriously, Is there a contest going on?
I was very clear on thou shalt not kill,  but this new idol they worship is absolutely breaking that. Which brings me to the one that really, really pisses me off. NO FALSE IDOLS.
You know what I mean, when you put a man made idol above my laws, above my people, above life itself, you have put it above me. I don't mean to be egostistical, but I Am the almighty creator of the universe, and anything you make with your hands or machines is just that. Stop bowing down to the neon gods you made! (Apologies to Simon and Garfunkel).


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Give it up babe, you're old news. Make way for the new gods. I got fanatical believers, child tribute, great happenings. Every bullet a prayer. Don't worry, you'll still be part of the pantheon, heck you can be useful. But whenever we conflict, I am supreme, remember that, my followers sure do.


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Wow, what happened big guy? Did you go away for awhile? I remember when that happened to me. Turn your back for a few seconds and they start bowing down to whatever craft project some art school dropout comes up with. But weapons? Seriously? Weapons more important than people?


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How dare you criticize the gun. Thou shall have no gods beside him. Who is like unto the gun? We must protect the gun.


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You have so perverted my message, I can't believe they came up with you. Every time one of my children is harmed the FIRST thing your followers do is rush to defend the gun. They might think of something else, but the gun is always first. How did this happen? I never praised any weapon, I didn't even like Simon Peter and his open carry policy, I knew someone's ear was gonna get cut off some day.


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Who is this unbeliever who dares criticize the true god? Let us cleanse the earth of his kind! All hail the true god!


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Who are these clowns? They're not talking about me. They act like they're talking about me, sometimes they think they're taking about me, but they are NOT talking about me.


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Whoa, and I thought some of my followers were crazy. It happens big guy, now maybe you guys will quit teasing me about it.


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Dude, I will never make fun of you for that again.


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