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 Colin Powell Admits Error on WMD Trailers

(Written in April of 2004 when Colin Powell finally admitted the mobile weapons labs he had touted before the UN did not in fact exist. So I figured, what were the trailers used for?)

Powell Admits Error on WMD Trailers

Secretary of State Colin Powell today admitted that the administrations reports of Saddam's mobile weapons laboratories was in fact false. The trailers apparently were not used to make Weapons of Mass Destruction at all.

As Powell reported, the trailers are in fact mobile dwellings belonging to the marsh arabs of Southern Iraq. Poor and often rootless, the marsh arabs are believed to be descended from the oldest inhabitants of Iraq. Those who live in mobile dwellings are derisively referred to by Sunni Iraqis as "Shiite Trash" a common yet extremely perjorative term.

The mass of clutter surrounding such dwellings can confuse satellite photos. What appeared to be a Soviet made T-72 tank was in fact a camel up on blocks. Reports of equipment used for making chemical weapons in fact turned out to be an array of odd, yet mostly unused kitchen implements, including an electric juicer, Onion Blossom maker, egg de-sheller, microwave omelet pan and a Bass-O-Matic. Reports of biological compounds in fact turned out to be a leftover dish in the fridge consisting of black-eyed chickpeas and pickled goats feet.

These so called "Shiite Trash" often display emblems depicting the glory days of the ancient Sumerian civilization, which they see as their golden age, claiming the purity of their race was destroyed by semitic tribes invading from the North during the creation of the Babylonian Empire under Sargon I.


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