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 George W. Bush and his Ilk

Not all of these are strictly about George Bush, but his policies and administration.  I find this administration dangerous for many reasons.  Iraq, the enviroment, the deficits (one of my major long term concerns about the future of this country), the attempt to stifle debate, quiet press criticism and basically crush any criticism at all.  This administration never admits mistakes and denies anything is ever going wrong.  When confronted with proof of wrongdoing or mistakes (such as the use of torture) they revert to what I call the "Monty Python Defense" i.e. "no we didn't" "no there isn't" "We didn't do that, not a bit of it.'  Through it all they act like they're the most moderate reasonable people (i.e. "healthy forests" "clear skies" "patriot act") which is very Orwellian and should scare anyone no matter how conservative they are. Still, these are meant to be fun!


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