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 Republicans Announce Plan for America's Future Minimize

Washington - Republican leaders today announced their own plan for America's future. The following is a summary of conservative thinking on the economic crisis:

Step 1: Keep anything from getting done.

Step 2. Watch country go to hell.

Step 3. Come back into power.

Step 4. Repeat as necessary.

Republican lead Hippe O. Krytt commented, "We can't have a stimulus bill, it will only create deficits. Doesn't anyone realize how irresponsible it is to ring up deficits? Us Reagan Bush Republicans can't stand such irresponsibility. Unless you're spending it on Iraq, then it's no questions asked."

Republican commentator Amm Kneesya also spoke, "We don't need a stimulus bill that creates jobs or helps the unemployed. That's no way to deal with povery and unemployment. What we need are tax cuts for the rich and deregulation of business and finance. Why hasn't anyone ever tried this?"

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