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 A Short History of the Birgindian People

Birgindia is an ethnic group I made up after much study of East European ethnic groups. There are many small ethnic groups within Europe that few people know the history of. I took Jewish and Vietnamese history as my starting point and added several twists. The now forgotten Great Moravian Empire and the Duchy of Courland (now part of Latvia, which actually did have large trading fleets and a Carribean colony in the seventeenth century) also inspired me.

I wrote this while studying Czech at the Summer Language Institute in Bloomington Indiana. People from all over the country were there learning various East European languages. Every week there was a lecture on one of them. One night I put up flyers and people came to hear my "lecture". It was amazing that in a room full of East European scholars it took some people a while to figure out the lecture was a joke. One person wasn't even sure at the end. Of course few people will actually get this kind of humor, but that's not why I did it. I did it because I can.



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